We have arranged answers to
some frequently asked questions.

Please check here for answers and solutions if you have any questions.
For other inquiries, contact us using the inquiry form or by calling us.

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    About making reservations

    How can I make a reservation?

    On the Reservation page of our website, there are two buttons: "Select from good value accommodation plans", and "Select by room type".
    Various plans will be displayed. Select a plan of your choice, check room availability, and go on to the next step.

    If you clicked "Select by room type"

    Click "Applicable plans" on the right side of a day with available rooms, and select a plan.
    The screen will change and a calendar will appear at the bottom. Move the cursor to a day with available rooms and click it.
    After the reservation entry screen appears, fill out the required items, follow the instructions on the screen, and go on to the next step.

    Some of my group will only be having dinner and will not be staying the night. How should I make a reservation?

    When you enter details of your stay, there will be a field for making requests, so please enter here how many guests will be visiting on a day trip and staying just for dinner.

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    About fees

    Do the fees include service charges or tax?

    There is no service charge at our ryokan.
    If you are making a reservation from our official website, the price including consumption tax will be indicated on the final fee confirmation page.

    How much is the accommodation fee?

    The accommodation fees at our ryokan are decided according to the 4 factors: 【season】【day】【number of persons per room】【meal】.
    See "Accommodation fees" for details.
    Please inquire in detail.

    We have a young child. What are the accommodation fees?

    We are very sorry. Our ryokan does not offer accommodation for children below elementary school age.
    Children of elementary school age will be charged 70% of the adult accommodation fee.

    We will be leaving early in the morning, so we don't want breakfast. Does the fee change?

    If you reserve directly by phone or through Yutone's official website, we will deduct the breakfast fee from the accommodation fee if you notify us by 18:00 on the day before your stay. We may not be able to make a deduction when you have reserved a special plan, or reserved through other websites or travel agencies. Please inquire for details.

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    About location and accessSee "Access" for details

    I want to drive there. Can you tell me how to get there?

    I want to drive there. Can you tell me how to get there?
    We are 7 km from Kyoto-higashi I.C. and 8 km from Kyoto-minami I.C. of Meishin Expressway.
    From the intersection of Higashioji and Gojo, go 600 m to the north. We are located 150 m from the stone torii gate that is on the east side (on your right as you are driving) of the intersection that has a sign saying "Kodaiji Minamimon-dori."
    We are next to Maeda Coffee.

    Do you have a car park?

    We are very sorry. We don't have a car park. However, there is coin-operated parking available close by.

    I want to go by JR. Can you tell me how to get there?

    Yutone is 3.2 km from JR Kyoto Station, and it costs about 1,100 yen by taxi. Most drivers will know where to go if you tell them to "turn east from the Higashioji onto Kodaiji Minamimon-dori, and to Maeda Coffee 150 meters ahead."

    I want to take the Keihan Electric Railway. Can you tell me how to get there using that service?

    The nearest Keihan Electric Railway station is Gion-Shijo. We are located 1.1km from the station, so it takes about 4 minutes by taxi (about 600 yen), or 15 minutes on foot.
    The walk can be fun as you go through shopping streets where you find the Minamiza Kabuki Theater and shops unique to Gion.

    I want to take the Hankyu Railway. Can you tell me how to get there using that service?

    he nearest Hankyu Railway station is Kawaramachi. We are located 1.3km from the station, so it takes about 5 minutes by taxi (about 650 yen), or 20 minutes on foot. The walk can be fun as you go through shopping streets where you find the Minamiza Kabuki Theater and shops unique to Gion.

    How far is it from Yasaka Shrine?

    From Yasaka Shrine, it is about 400 m (5 minutes on foot). Walk straight to the south from the main gate (south side). We are located next to Maeda Coffee.

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    About the rooms & baths

    Do you have rooms with open-air baths?

    All rooms are en-suite with a cypress bath, but none of the rooms have an open-air bath.

    Do you have bath towels and towels?

    We have bath towels and towels ready for you in your room. We also have waffle body towels for you to use while bathing.

    Do you have shampoo, conditioner, and shower caps?

    The rooms are equipped with shampoo, conditioner,body soap, shower caps, and razors etc.

    Do you have a humidifier?

    All rooms are equipped with a humidifier.

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    About meals & where they are served

    I am allergic to / don't like certain foodingredients. Can you accommodate this?

    Yes, we can. Be sure to advise us when you make your reservation.
    However, please note that we will not be able to satisfy requests regarding rice / wheat / soy bean allergies, or for the non-use of broth (bonito,kelp), or requests from vegetarians who cannot eat bonito broth.

    How do the meals differ depending on the price?

    The more expensive it is, the better the ingredients, and the richer the courses are.

    I want to have a delicious meal, but...

    It may be at the more expensive end, but we recommend the chef's special kaiseki.

    Where do you serve the meals?

    Meals are served at Chiso Kikusaya on the first floor. We do not serve meals in guest rooms.

    I have bad knees and I want to eat in a chair.

    All seating is with tables and chairs.

    We are going to be arriving late. What is the latest time we can have dinner?

    The latest time we can start serving dinner is 20:00.

    We plan to leave early in the morning. What time does breakfast start?

    We start serving breakfast at 8:00, 8:30, and 9:00.
    We may be unable to prepare breakfast before 8:00.
    If you are leaving early, we will cancel your breakfast and make a deduction from your accommodation fee, so please consult us, and notify us by 3 days before your stay.

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    How many days before the stay does the cancellation fee arise?

    From 20 days before your stay.

    Is there anywhere I can smoke?

    We are very sorry. The entire building is non-smoking. Please refrain from smoking inside the building.
    Furthermore, smoking is prohibited in the area around the establishment, as it is designated as a public non-smoking area.
    There is a smoking space within 5 minutes' walking distance from the ryokan, so please ask at the reception.

    Do you accept credit card payment?

    We accept most credit cards (see below).
    VISA・JCB・DC・UC・AMEX・Diners・Master・SAISON・debit cards

    Can we leave our baggage with you before and after check-in?

    Yes, you can leave your baggage with us before and after check-in. If you are using the JR Kyoto Station, a paid Carry Service (JR Underground Central Ticket Gate) or Delivery Service (3 minutes' walk from the Shinkansen Hachijo Ticket Gate) are available that deliver your baggage from the station to your accommodation. For details regarding the location and the opening hours, check the JR Kyoto Station Carry Service / Delivery Service.

    What is the bed size, bathtub size, and number of steps in the staircase?

    Here is a table of sizes for each item. Please check it from here.